Monday, May 5, 2008

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

With all the Cinco de Mayo celebrations going on, we didn't want to be left out. So here at "All Smiles" Dentistry, from now until the end of May, we are offering a special consultation called "Find Out How Beautiful Your Smile Can Be"! Come in and celebrate yourself -- your best self. You can ask an Invisalign expert whether your teeth can be straigtened with invisible aligners that can be removed while you eat, and that nobody can tell you are wearing. They are suitable for many people, and they are fantastic. We'll show you exactly how they would work for you. So if you have been thinking of contacting an Invisalign Rockville dental expert, your search is over. Not only will your consultation be free of charge, but if you decide to have Invisalign treatment, and pay up front, you will receive a free tooth whitening at the end -- so that you end up with the perfectly white straight teeth of a movie star!

Just click here to make your appointment today.

Dr. Mary Ziomek is the Invisalign Expert at "All Smiles" Dentistry, and she will "Make Your Day" for the Month of May. You can check out what her patients think of her at or click here to learn more.

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