Monday, March 10, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy Staint Patrick's Day to you and your leprechaun friends!

What? You didn't know you had leprechaun friends? Of course you do -- they're just invisible. And invisible friends are the very best kind. Remember the story of the cobbler who's work was mysteriously done for him every night by invisible helpers? Well -- you guessed it -- they were leprechauns.

So in celebration of Saint Paddy's Day, Dr. Mary M. Ziomek, of "All Smiles" Dentistry in Rockville, Maryland, is offering you a special chance to become acquainted with some invisible helpers of your own: a custom prescribed set of clear plastic trays that will invisibly align your teeth while nobody notices -- giving you a dazzlingly beautiful smile invisibly, without any unsightly braces that trap your food or catch on your clothes. Becuase these specially prescribed clear custom trays "invisibly align" your teeth, they are called "Invisalign."

Dr. Ziomek is an expert dentist, and she is dedicated to giving the people of Rockville Invisalign care, and the people of Bethesda Invisalign care, of the highest value and quality. She is one of the best qualified dentists in the Washington D.C. area. After graduating from dental school in Baltimore, she completed an internship at one of the top teaching hospitals in North America; she is listed by Washingtonian Magazine as one of the area's Best Dentists; and she is one of the top 3.5% of Dentists in the world invited to join the International College of Dentists -- because of her commitment to putting her patients' interests first -- ahead of her own interests and ahead of the interests of any drug companies or other marketers.

So here's the no-strings-attached offer: Just click here to make an appointment for a free smile consultation during the month of March. Then, when you arrive, simply remind the recptionist at the front desk that you wanto to know more about the Invisalign treatment offered by Dr. Ziomek -- the invisible custom prescribed "helpers" that will bring you a straight, beautiful smile in your own home and at your own job, invisibly, while nobody notices.

For uttering the magic words Leprechaun and Invisalign, Rockville residents will receive -- if you're one of the first 17 people to say them -- $200 from the Leprechaun treasure chest and put into your account to be applied toward your own set of custom prescribed Invisalign aligners. If this technology is not right for you, Dr. Ziomek will explain all of the pros and cons of all your options, putting your interests first at all times. Or if you decide not to proceed (even though it is surprisingly affordable when paid for over time), we'll give you a certificate worth 1/2 off your next regularly scheduled cleaning, just for trusting us enough to come in and ask.

Oh, and just to be fair: For uttering the magic words Leprechaun and Invisalign, Bethesda residents will receive the same $200 credit from out of the Leprechaun's treasure chest -- (except there are only 17 total credits available, not 17 for each city, and no credits will be given after March 31, 2008 -- we have to watch you Leprechaun lovers.)

So why not click to set up an appointment now? Just click here to contact Dr. Ziomek.

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